Throughout its professional pathway, COTECNO has carried out numerous projects in the fields of architecture and urban planning.

The vast experience which has been achieved through the integral development of architecture and urban planning projects allowed us to carry out global works and offer the clients integrated services, the company portfolio including some of the most representative edifications of our geographical environment.

Here are some of our main activity fields: Commercial, Administrative, Public Services, Health, Sports, Recreational, Educational and Residential.

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Since its foundation, COTECNO has carried out numerous projects in the field of Industrial Engineering, which is the origin company field.

COTECNO offers integral services to its clients starting from preliminary studies, economical-financial viability, execution projects and integrated management of the construction process to the final delivery to the client.

Some of our most important projects include: Industrial Development Areas, Business Parks, Logistic Platforms, Industrial Premises, Warehouses, Food Industry, Technological Centres…

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COTECNO has a wide experience in various fields of the civil engineering infrastructure.

Besides, our work is not limited to the project elaboration and Project Management during the execution works; we are also prepared to deal with all type of work, both technical and administrative, within the civil engineering field.

Here are some of the fields in which COTECNO has been very active during the last years: Fish Auction Markets, Canned Food Factories, Ports and Coasts, Roads, Land Engineering and Marinas.

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COTECNO is also an energy specialized company with a vast experience in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, which allows us to offer our clients high quality integral services, able to satisfy their necessities and which are also guaranteed by our numerous installations.

We have carried out many renewable energy projects in different fields such as: low temperature thermal solar energy, wind energy, cogeneration, trigeneration, biomass, biodiesel, etc.

Regarding the energy efficiency field, there have been carried out many energy audits. Based on the improvements detected as a result of the audit process, our clients could save more than 15% on energy consumption, also cutting down atmosphere emissions.


Given the legislative complexity of certain activities, it is necessary to rely on the assistance of specialists who can guarantee the correct environmental project management.

At COTECNO, besides developing architecture and engineering projects that require an environmental improvement, the Quality and Environment Department offers support to the other departments, so as to ensure an optimal interaction of all our projects with the environment. This applies to a multitude of specialities, which can be grouped into two differentiated work fields with complementary environmental objectives: Environmental Engineering and Consultancy.

The work team has the interdisciplinary feature that is required in the environmental procedures, offering, together with its professionalism, a complete range of services such as:

Environmental Engineering

Dumps, Waste Safety Deposits, Waste Treatment, Water Treatment, Environmental Restoration, Environmental Supervision and Control of the Building works.


Contamination Assessment and Control, Waste Management, Water Management, Natural Resource Management, Environmental Impact Assessment, Integrated Environmental Authorization, Environmental Management Systems and Quality Management Systems.

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