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COTECNO is a consulting company which provides integrated Engineering and Architecture services.

Founded in the year 1972, in time it has been consolidated as a renown company in the field of engineering and architecture, counting on a team of highly qualified professionals who are capable to carry out and offer consultancy to its clients both from a technical and financial point of view during the execution of projects, studies and building works.

The professional pathway the company took more than four decades ago and the constant evolution during these years in the consultancy field has made it possible for us to reach a high level of technical specialization, achieved by implementing quality management systems and technological development, as well as by incorporating new client-oriented activities. All these allow us to offer integrated solutions, transforming necessities and ideas into concrete plans and projects and guaranteeing the results.

Our flexibility and capacity to adapt to each situation, working in close relationship with the client, ensures a top-quality, efficient and innovating result.

Along this pathway, the technical specialization level and the performance-oriented experience that have been achieved by means of team work and a strict quality control have made it possible for us to expand to an international level.

Thus, today, with more than 40 years experience, COTECNO has various branches at national and international level, joining and advising its clients in all their projects.

Quality and Environment Policy

COTECNO is committed to client, society and environment responsibility. Thus, quality and environment friendliness are fundamental rules in our activity and they make a distinctive feature of our work.

Since 1996 COTECNO has been conducting a Quality Management System, based on the Standard UNE-EN ISO 9001, being among the first engineering companies to have obtained AENOR’s Company Registration Certificate ER-0410/1996.

The environment friendliness is also reflected by the implementation of an Environmental Management System based on the Standard UNE-EN ISO 14001, in 2001 obtaining the Company Registration Certificate GA-2001/0248. In this respect also it has become a landmark for the Galician companies of this field. By the actions that were set to comply with its environmental tergets, COTECNO managed to reduce to half its CO2 emissions, passing from a value of the indicator of 5,46 kW/pers/day in 2020 to 3,78 kW/pers/day in 2021.

The scope of the Quality and Environmental Management System covers the following activities: “The carrying out of engineering projects, studies, site managements, technical assistances, occupational safety and health coordination and environmental supervisions in the areas of civil and industrial engineering, architecture, energy and environment.”

All the activities carried out by COTECNO aim at obtaining the full satisfaction of its clients, both public and private, including in its management the quality and environment friendliness objectives, together with a constant improvement of its work process and its staff qualification, in a permanently innovating business context.

The quality and environment department of COTECNO centralizes and carries out within the internal company organization chart all the activities and tasks related to Quality Management and Environmental Management in its activity related fields: engineering, architecture and consultancy.

Quality and Environment Policy


In the integrated project management COTECNO relies on specialists who carry out the activities of consultancy and project management in order to meet the client necessities, approaching the process from a global perspective.

We achieve a maximum return on each budget, controlling project costs, schedules and quality from their conception to the work delivery.

Besides, COTECNO offers to its clients the possibility to contract the following services, all of them individually or as a whole, so as to satisfy their specific necessity at any time:

  • Draw up the project objectives, its configuration or scope, its costs, schedules and quality.
  • Elaborate the project itself, the specialized knowhow representing a key point in the value-making process throughout the entire project life.
  • Analyze which is the most adequate contracting system for each case, with the incorporation of the providers in the value chain.
  • Permanent control of the work, proposing modifications when necessary and avoiding on time possible incidences, maintaining the client permanently informed.
  • Once the works are completed, we keep on offering assistance to our clients, in order to both ensure a proper use of the installations and solve any possible incident.

This process cuts down the total work schedule and the general building costs.

Besides, COTECNO offers to its clients the possibility to contract the following services, all of them individually or as a whole, so as to satisfy their specific necessity at any time:

  • Elaboration of feasibility studies and execution projects.
  • Consultancy throughout the work execution
  • Technical Assistance
  • Work Control and Supervision
  • Energetic Efficiency
  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental Procedures
  • Installation Projects
  • Activity Projects
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Consultancy and Quality Systems
  • Reports
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